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Shanghai Yankong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in combustion equipment. The company not only brings advanced combustion equipment products to China, adhering to the international professional equipment service concept, but also cooperates closely with world-renowned combustion heat equipment manufacturers, and recommends a number of internationally renowned environmental protection and energy-saving brand burner
equipment and accessories. Relying on government support, extensive To promote energy-saving transformation and the latest combustion equipment, we are the Chinese first-class sales
agent .

Our first-class combustion equipment technical experts provide you with various high-efficiency and energy-saving technical services to solve technical problems

. Our installation and transformation The team provides one-stop service for installation, modification and commissioning to

relieve you from worries

. Product series:

Burner series:

Italy RIELLO (Riyadh Road), Italy BALTUR, American McKesson, Tianshi, DC burners, etc., provide China's booming thermal energy industry Top quality product.

Burner accessories series: program controller, pressure sensor, proportional regulator, electric actuator, solenoid valve, temperature controller, electric eye,

transformer, ignition rod, leak detection, filter, mixing tube, heater, etc.;

industrial burner Burner series: high-temperature burners, corrosion-resistant burners, ignition burners; industrial gas solutions;

energy-saving and emission-reduction equipment and fuel: clean fuel vaporization equipment, clean fuel (more environmentally friendly and energy-saving), energy-saving combustion equipment transformation;

product application range: extensive Used in industrial boilers, civil boilers, hot blast stoves, annealing furnaces, combustion systems, smelting furnaces, central air conditioning, painting, petrochemical industries

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Last Modified : 2024 - 03 - 01
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